Exturnia LLC
Helping You Extend Your Reach© 
Exturnia is a provider of IT services and solutions that allow you to "extend your reach" without heavy investments in software, staffing, or infrastructure.  We offer personalized services at a considerable savings.  It's especially important in today's global economy to reach business optimization and efficiency at the right price point.  Doing so, and with the right IT partner, makes all the difference between thriving and surviving.
Exturnia LLC is an IT Start-up, founded in the State of Indiana in 2019.  It is the culmination of efforts begun 10 years ago with its predecessor, Exturnia Inc. While the earlier iteration saw some modest success, we knew we could do better.  The new Exturnia reflects a fresh, new perspective.  And if you think about it, so much has changed in IT in the past 10 years--Exturnia has as well.

We're ready to hear YOUR dreams and to help you extend your reach!

Exturnia LLC qualifies both as a Veteran Owned and a Minority Owned Business.
Meeting Your Business Needs
Leveraging Technology
Cloud-Based Services
Our cloud-based services provide you with the latest and most effective security. Hosting plans and services are affordable, extensible, and scalable.
Today's business grows on tomorrow's solutions, enabled through Natural language processing (NLP), Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We're ready to help you extend your reach by leveraging these technologies.
IT Specialists
Mobile Apps Drive Business
Web Design
We value the opportunity to engage with you in building your dreams. Our core team has over 50 years of combined IT experience in application development, software development, hardware services including managing various aspects of IT operations. Let us see how we can leverage our passion, knowledge, and experience in helping you extend your reach!

It's your brand! It's' what your customers see first! And a good first impression means everything. Our UI/UX team understands the need to get it right because there are no second-chances.
Ready to upgrade your mobile apps?  Or maybe you're ready to launch your first app. Either way, we're ready to help you extend your reach with the right Android or IOS apps.
Helping You Extend Your Reach